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From a nightmare of Mirko Scarici, it comes a psychological survival horror first-person.Once obtained an immediate interest in this independent Italian product by an audience both national and international.The promotional campaigns were deliberately interrupted when the “Steve Jobs” company took an interest in this project. They saw some potential both human/team (Mirko Scarici, Alfonso Prota) and in the title of the game itself. With the agreement between the new sponsors and the creators, it began the actual development phase of the title in all of its parts. At the end of 2015, in record time, 



Steam Greenlight approved it and ensured its publication on the digital platform for computers.The development of the project “Follia Dear Father”, the fast approval of the title by Steam Greenlight, the synergy between the developers and the sponsors, all of these factors together, led to the need for formalizing the whole thing by creating the software house ” Real Game Machine “. Its only goal is to interpret the developers and sponsor intention to complete the title in question and to support the future of the promoters to carry out new ludic video products.So far, we know that the title has already attracted great attention thanks to the votes of IndieDB for “Indie of the Years 2016” where, in the selection phase, “Follia Dear Father” has reached the prestigious 19th position on over 38 thousand participants, whole of this just presenting some video material still under development and in an improvement phase.